Become a donor

Become a Sperm Donor

As a sperm donor, you are helping other people to achieve what may be their greatest wish in life.

Most people share the dream of having children. For many, however, this cannot be achieved without help.
  • We are looking for physically and mentally normal, healthy men of all races and nationalities.
  • You can choose to become either an Anonymous or Non-Anonymous donor.
  • Age 18 - 39. Non-anonymous donors under 25 can only become sperm donors following special medical approval.

Becoming an Egg Donor

The process of having children is seen as being natural and simple. Most people take it for granted, at least until they discover that they may not after all be able to conceive children. This realisation can have far reaching implications for many people. Most of us do not realise that even for those who "do not have any difficulty in conceiving" the average chance of conceiving is only about 20-25% per cycle. Indeed, one in seven couples seek medical advice at some stage in their lives in order to achieve a pregnancy. Some couples fail to achieve a pregnancy because the female partner may have suffered a premature menopause - at as young as 20 years of age, never able to produce eggs. Other women may have lost the use of their ovaries due to disease, surgery or the treatment of cancer. Some women carry inherited genetic diseases and are thus seeking donated eggs so as not to transmit the disease to their children. There is an acute shortage of egg donors and many couples wait for several years to benefit from donated eggs. Some couples are fortunate enough to have friends and family willing to donate eggs as a "known donor". However most are not so fortunate and thus they are likely to be 'in the queue' waiting for sufficient anonymous donors to volunteer their eggs.